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Coming Soon!

The Evil In Building D

My first work in the Young Adult Horror genre.

The Golf Books

Gold Albatross

A story of golf, friendship, and a battle for the world's most valuable coin.



Pull The Pin

Afghanistan, war, and golf.  A novel unlike any other.



The Front Nine

Who is Gryphen Reed?  A miracle worker or a madman? A collection of unique stories featuring a common character.



The World of Kurt Vonnegut Books

Illium Way #11

A sequel to Kurt Vonnegut's

epic, Slaughterhouse-Five.

Billy Pilgrim lives!



The Master of Time, Space, & Dimension

A brilliant scientist, a talented art thief, and a brazen plan to defy the laws of the Universe.



Meta Mobius

A tribute to Kurt Vonnegut's best...and worst.



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